Thursday, January 4, 2007

Steph's Bike Move

AaA:aAA Bike Move!!!!!to Alberta and Albina: an Alliterative AddressSUNDRIESCommencement Clock: saturday, 13 january, 2007 @ 1:00pmBeginning Bearings: 4615 SE 28th Ave. apt.2, hedging HolgateAscertained Area: Albina and Alberta, absolutely! (705 N Albeta, 97217)Dress Details: down-like, drenchproof digs describing down-to-earth dimensions and deftness definitely de rigueur.Contact Coordinates: Steph Routh 971.322.8207

ALLITERATIONS ABOUND after allocating an adequate aepoch at Ashlee and Associates' abode, an adventurous about-face approaching alternate accommodations ascends. aliments available apres activity, and ale also administered after advance accomplished. alliterative accessories applauded (author's aunt to accord alliterative adverts).NON-ALLITERATIVE

PROLOGUEafter wiling away about 1 1/2 years at "the red door", home to backyard movie nights and yours truly, a new neighborhood with fabulous new roommates beckons. we'll have tasty nibblins before the move and food accompanying tasty beverages at the end of our excursion, a refreshing way to celebrate a shared accomplishment.

ABOUT MOVING BY BIKEmoving by bike is kind of like an urban transportational version of a barn-raising. people come with bikes and anything that might be used to carry things - backpacks, bike racks, panniers, trailers, bungee cords, used innertubes, whatever - load up what they can reasonably carry, bicycle with the group to the destination like a big parade, then unload the stuff and drink and eat and kibitz afterwards. i've done a few bike moves by myself in thailand and a few group bike moves in portland, and the group moves are a lot more fun! more than just moving my things, i would LOVE to uses moving as an excuse for organizing a safe bike ride within city limits and am going to work to make a route that can accommodate recently dusted off bikes. it tends to be a slow-paced, even-keeled experience. this one might take a little while, but the exercise is good and the company is fun and the food on the other side tastes even better after a good bike ride! anyone with a backpack or trailer or baguette basket or sheer curiosity is welcome to come. grab a few coathangers or a spoon or two, and we can make a lovely winter stuff parade! if you want to join the fun but find the thought of a bike move
pictures of bike moves past:
more about p-town's moveXbike:

Monday, January 1, 2007

Volunteer Info From Lauren

Here is something that Lauren passed on to the group. Looks pretty cool!

Volunteer Opportunity at the World Forestry Center

Chocolate Fest

We are currently seeking individuals who would like to volunteer for
ChocolateFest on Saturday/Sunday February 10 & 11, 2007.

--Must be 18 years or older
--Must be able to commit to at least one 3 hour shift for either day
--Must love chocolate!

Please email Greta at or call 503-488-2113

Monday, December 25, 2006


Welcome Green Ladies! I'm so happy to hear all the interest in this women's group. We have so much fun ahead of us. My vision is to connect lots of great women who may or may not know each other and together we can drink wine, learn from each other, help each other out and have a lot of fun. I would like to have monthly meetings with everyone that can make it, and lots of small events inbetween. Event ideas include camp-stove making, wine tasting, bike rides, brewing beer, moonshining, knitting, reading poetry, playing music, trivia night... Pretty much anything and everything that people have interest in. I would like to plan the meeting that will be the maiden voyage of this group, the first core meeting to meet and converse together. When? What works for everyone? What do you want to do at it? Where? We could have it at my house. Lets get it together! Please comment with your answers to these exciting questions.

See you soon,